Rules and Regulations

At face value, Sword of the Dragon may not seem much different than any other group you are looking at to join. Like other guilds, our goal is to provide a friendly and fun gaming experience for all members interested in building and fostering a skilled and respected guild. We strive for excellence in our actions and seek success by eliminating anything that may stand in our way. The difference between Sword of the Dragon and other guilds is that their goals are a future hope; whereas Sword of the Dragon has existed for over 20 years. Our goals have been met, remade, and met again many times over. We offer stability, not just as a promise, but with evidence and experience. A part of this stability we give our members stems from a common set of Rules and Regulations.

Virtues of the Dragon

From our past also comes what we call the “Virtues of the Dragon.” These were established by our faction in the game we played in the 90’s (more about this in the FAQ),
and we will continue to keep these traditions alive. They are as follows:


  • We strive for knowledge and work hard to develop our skills in order to use that knowledge.
  • We share that knowledge freely with our members and fellow realm mates.

  • We do our best to use sound judgment in our behavior and decisions.


  • We are bold in our actions and freely accept the consequences.
  • We have the right to be proud and work to foster self-confidence.
  • We lead and follow with no need for rudeness or insolence.


  • We are fearless in battle and accept defeat with dignity and decorum.
  • We accept feedback and guidance when given.
  • We actively defend and protect our members and Tuathan land.


  • We place the needs of the realm ahead of our own personal gain.
  • We are honest, generous, and fair in our dealings with others.
  • We are respectful and dependable, and make amends when necessary.


  • We see a task through to its completion.
  • We try and try again to meet our goals, and strive to keep challenging ourselves.
  • We seek help in order to accomplish tasks only after we have first attempted to do so on our own.

Values of the Dragon

Also a part of our tradition is what we label the “Values of the Dragon.” These are three simple concepts that are the very foundation of our guild.
They may sound cliche, but without them Sword of the Dragon would not have lasted as long as it has.


  • You will not be rude to any member of Sword of the Dragon or its officers. You will not show disrespect to any member of Tuatha de Danann,
    no matter how they treat you. If there is an issue with a member of another guild, please report it to an officer or the guild leader. Screenshots and/or logs are helpful.
  • You will be respectful and show honor toward our enemies, again, no matter how they treat you. We fight with dignity and decorum, not with slander and taunts.
    Acting rudely or childish reflects poorly on you, and thus the guild. You will not dishonor the guild.
  • Follow the commands of your group leader in battle, this is a zero tolerance policy. If you disagree with your group lead, follow his command and talk to him about it later privately.
    Arguments during a battle will not be tolerated.


  • If you are found to be applying to another guild, you will automatically be removed. Our guild is not temporary while you join the
    one you really want to be a part of.
  • You are not to have alternative characters in any other guilds on the same server we play on.
  • Your loyalties lie not only with Sword of the Dragon but also with Tuatha De Denann (TDD). You will not divulge information with the
    other realms that can hurt TDD or TDD guilds.
  • Should you have an issue with another guild member, it is imperative you take up this issue with an officer. If you have a knee-jerk
    reaction to leave the guild, rather than solving the problem, we do not guarantee you will be let back into the guild regardless of
    who is at fault with the original issue.


  • In all your actions you will do nothing that damages the reputation of the guild. Remember at all times, everything you do reflects on Sword of the Dragon.
  • You will not dishonor the guild by exploitation, deception in any way, or treating our allies and enemies in any way that poorly reflects on our integrity.
    Follow the Terms of Service set out by City State Entertainment (CSE) in game and on their respective forums.
  • To uphold the utmost Integrity, Duty, and Tradition of Sword of the Dragon. We will not lie and deceive each other. We will show a united front.

Basic Guidelines


  • There should not be any “real life” political or religious discussion or commentary, either in guild chat or on our voice comms, unless all parties in the chat or voice channel are okay with it.
  • Our guild chat(s) and voice comms should also be clear of any sort of whining,
    bickering, or anything that is drama inducing.
  • This is an adult guild, so the use of more adult language is NOT prohibited.
    However, let’s try not to go overboard.


  • It is imperative that our crafters charge our guild members fair prices. We will not force our crafters to charge ‘at cost,’
    but try to remember it is important to keep our members well-outfitted.
  • Our crafters are also expected to charge fair prices for our non-guild members.
    We will not purposely deceive or rip-off our realm mates.
  • The guild will do its best to support our crafters.


  • Our members are NEVER to attempt to recruit from another guild. This is to maintain our good relations with our allies.
    If a member of another guild requests information or wants to join, that is fine; but we do not actively seek members from other guilds.
  • We do not attempt to recruit by posting recruitment messages in any sort of General or Open chat in game.
    We do recruitment posts on game related forums, and word of mouth only.

Time Demands & Other Constraints

  • We expect all of our members to take responsibility for their actions and to actively participate in the development
    of themselves as well as the betterment of the guild. The cultivation of your character, skills, and crafts advances the guild.
  • We do not expect you to treat the game like a job. Most likely we will have a mix of more casual and semi-hardcore players.
    However understand the time and effort you put into the guild can affect your standing within Sword of the Dragon. You get what you give.
  • Please show us the courtesy of knowing if you will be away from the game for an extended period.
  • We prefer players who are 18 years and older to avoid any drama or issues.


This is the basic set of rules and regulations for our guild. Though it seems lengthy, most of it should be pretty straightforward. In general you should be playing the game, doing your best to excel, and upholding the integrity and tradition of the guild. These are not requests, they are demands for everyone in the guild, from highest to lowest. If there is anything missing from these rules and regulations, or something you do not understand, please do not hesitate to reach out to any officer and/or the guild leader.