These ranks, as well as their names, are tentative. We're trying a new job based system for officers, but first we need to know what is actually available in game, which clearly we do not know yet.  These ranks are a rough outline of what we want to do, which is mostly to keep things simple.  But again, they are subject to change. Individual powers will be broken down more once we actually know what exists in game, other than standard commands (inviting, promoting, etc).

Order Ranks

The Dragon [Guild Leader]

The guild leader provides the general direction of the guild itself, as well as setting guild objectives. He creates and enforces the rules and regulations.
Though he will take the advice of his officers as well as the opinion of guild members, he makes the final decision on all guild related matters. In addition:

  • Top of the Chain-of-Command in all RvR matters and decisions
  • Handles guild diplomacy, decisions, and issues between Sword of the Dragon and other guilds.
  • Adjusts ranks and powers, as necessary
  • Promote or remove officers as needed
  • Final arbiter for any disputes, whether it is an in-guild issue or between one of our members and a member of another guild
  • Ensures the officers are staying on task
  • Responsible for the overall morale of the guild

REMOVAL : Should the guild leader need to be removed for whatever reason, he can only be removed by unanimous officer vote. All officers must vote on this, not just ones online. There must make an attempt to reach all officers and give up to one week for response. During this week, the guild leader cannot promote new officers or demote the current ones.


All officers will have a standardized set of abilities, depending on what is available in game, which we do not yet know. These do of course include such abilities as inviting to the guild, removing people, promoting and demoting, etc. A complete breakdown will be available once we have a better understanding of game mechanics. However, each officer will have their own responsibilities as well.


  • Primary RvR and raid leaders, under the guild leader
  • Communicate with guild leader on offensive and defensive strategies
  • Reaches out to other TDD guilds for RvR related matters
  • Authority to command other guild groups to join his, but only if necessary.

This means a Warlord can call on ANY guild group to come assist his own, but only for important matters such as guarding our assets or important realm defensive matters, not for trivial things. You are expected to comply.

Personnel Officers

In general, the Personnel Officer (PO) will completely oversee the application process with minimal involvement of the guild leader. However, if the guild leader and PO cannot agree on an applicant getting into the guild or not, it will move to an officer vote.
  • Oversees recruitment and application process
  • Helps manage roster and personnel information
  • Keeps guild leader informed of any important personnel changes and needs, such as cutting back on recruitment


  • Oversees organization of guild vaults, chests, and supply depots
  • Informs guild leader and members of what materials we need and what we don't
  • Sells items we don't need
  • Run guild events to collect necessary materials
  • Communicates with Engineers on materials needed, work together to obtain said these items


  • Oversees the construction of guild related buildings
  • Creates reusable designs and blueprints
  • Finds suitable locations to build and communicates with guild leader
  • Makes decisions on claiming/razing captured locations
  • Communicates with Quartermaster on needed materials; work together to obtain said items

Ancients [Veteran Members]

This rank is for long-standing members, who either do not want to be an officer or they do not have the time to do so.  Veteran members are very well-trusted, and thus are given more power than standard members. Again we don't know what is in game yet, but it will most likely involve invite privileges, more guild vault use, and more. This will also be outlined in more detail when we have the necessary information.

Marauders [RvR Leaders]

Marauders are proven battlefield commanders, who have shown they know how to give orders as well as follow them. They are a part of our RvR structure, however, they do not have the authority to call on other groups like our Warlords. Marauders are for those who can command but either do not want the extra responsibility of being an officer, or have not been in the guild long enough to be promoted that high.

The Dragon's Weyr [Members]

This is the rank for our standard members. It is our rank with the most people, and is the most important. The Order is nothing without its members, they are the backbone of our structure. Actual member powers will be better determined closer to game release.

Whelps [New Recruits]

This rank is reserved for the new recruits. This gives you time to decide if our guild is for you, and for us to decide if you're good for the guild.  There is no set time period.  Some people you know in a short time and some you do not. It depends on your activity level and how much you participate in the guild. Any officer can decide when you are ready to become a full-fledged member.

NOTE: Any officer can decide on when a new recruit is ready to be a member, there is no set time. However, if an officer promotes 3 people to member status who leave the guild in a short time period or leave on a bad note, that officer loses his ability to promote to member status for a certain period of time.