Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Sword of the Dragon existed?

We started in 1995 in a game called Multiplayer Battletech: Solaris, by Kesmai Studios. We were actually two separate groups who fought together, the 22nd Rasalhague Regulars and the Tooth of Y’mir. This was a military style game, hence the names. We came together in 1998 to form 9th Sword of the Dragon.  For fantasy MMORPGs, we drop the “9th” and just go with Sword of the Dragon.

What games have you played?

  • Multiplayer Battletech: Solaris
  • Multiplayer Battletech: 3025
  • Dark Age of Camelot
  • Lineage 2
  • World of Warcraft
  • Aion
  • Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning
  • Mechwarrior Online
  • Dark Age of Camelot : Uthgard
  • Various Mechwarrior leagues

These are the games we played and we actually formed the guild. We’ve also played other games together, but did not form our guild, such as: Everquest, EVE, Lord of the Rings Online, Planetside 2, Guild Wars, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Rift, Elder Scrolls Online, and Final Fantasy 14.

What realm are you fighting for?

We will be fighting for Tuatha dé Danann upon release.  In Dark Age of Camelot, we fought for Hibernia on the Igraine server, and we tend to stay loyal to the same faction.

Why the name "Sword of the Dragon?" Dragons can't use swords!

We get this one a lot. We are aware our name sounds a little cliche. It was less so in 1995 we assure you. As said previously, our group began in Multiplayer Battletech. That was a military based game and already had military regiments in it that were a part of the official canon. We were 9th Sword of the Dragon. Again, it wasn’t a name we chose, so much as it was canonical. We dropped the ‘9th’ part when that game was cancelled by the vile Electronic Arts, and we go by Sword of the Dragon in any fantasy setting MMORPG.

Why do your rules have so much about honor and integrity in a video game?

When we began in Battletech in 1995, we belonged to a faction called House Kurita.  It was a Japanese style faction, and it followed the way of Bushido.  This was something that was ingrained into how we played and became second nature.  These Virtues and Values that we list were how our faction ran and we follow them to this day. At this point in our gaming career, we take this tradition seriously.  Our rules are there to be followed, not just for role play or to scare off childish gamers.  If you cannot follow our rules I suggest you do not apply to join.

What is "the dragon" in your Order name? Is it the realm dragon in Camelot Unchained?

No, the “Dragon” in our guild name does not represent anything from Camelot. It’s a bit metaphorical. “The Dragon” represents two things to our group. First, it represents the guild as a whole; so by being Sword of the Dragon, you are a member of the guild and its defender as well.  The Dragon is also the title of our guild leader.  He is supposed to represent the ideals of the guild you find in our rules and regulations, and be a model of sorts for our members.

What are your official colors?

We usually use black and red. These were our colors when we began in 1995, mostly due to the faction we belonged to, which was House Kurita in Multiplayer Battletech. We tend to be sticklers for tradition.

Do you consider yourself a hardcore group?

No, not really.  There was a time when we were, but eventually we grew up and became adults. We have jobs, some of us have wives and kids and all those things that life entails.  We try not to treat a game like a job, nor do we expect you to.  With that said, a lot of us will still be playing every day.  While you do play, it is expected you play well, and put forth the effort to improve your character and your skill level.  We’re here to have fun, but it’s our assumption that people have more fun when they are winning. We prefer the King-of-the-Hill approach; it doesn't really matter who makes it to the top first, it's about who is there at the end.

Are you a large Order?

We are not the kind of group that likes to recruit just for the sake of recruiting. We want to be large enough to be efficient as a guild, but small enough where everyone feels comfortable with each other, and it doesn’t feel like you’re lost in a sea of people.  It can be hard to find that middle ground, but that’s our goal. We don't really like to zerg, we're more about tactics, strategy, and working well together as a team.

What do you look for in a member?

This is a difficult question to answer, as we tend to have a variety of members.  Some are more hardcore, and some are more casual; we really don’t tell people how to play.  Mostly what we want are people who are able to follow our rules and regulations, and put forth the effort in improving your character and helping push the guild to its fullest potential.  Generally we believe in getting what you give.  If you’re someone who gives a lot of his time, effort, and game finances to improving the guild, then you should have the full power of the guild behind you. However, we often get members who are very quiet and don’t participate, and only seem to really speak up when they want something.  The bottom line is we want members who realize that by improving the guild, this benefits our realm and our members, and that should be priority.

Do you have an age requirement?

Generally we want people who are 18+ minimally. We realize that a 16 year old can be fairly mature, and a 40 year old can be less so. However, a part of the age requirement is also our voice comms. We are an adult oriented guild and there are sometimes adult oriented conversations. The last thing we need is someone’s mother yelling at us on voice comms…again. Yes, this has actually happened.

What chat program do you use?

We’re currently trying Discord, since it is free and seems to work well for most of our needs. Our discord server is easily found by clicking on the Discord button on the main menu. Feel free to join us anytime, whether you want to join, are a member of TDD or even an enemy realm. We're about overall game community so, we don't mind our in-game enemies coming to say hello.

I would like to join, now what?

First, make sure you have read our relevant guild information, such as our Rules and Regulations. It is mandatory that you have an understanding of these. The next step is up to you.  If you’re fairly certain you want to join, feel free to fill out an application.  If you're someone who has already grouped with us plenty and we don't seem to have any issues with you, an application is not really necessary, you can just tell us you wish to join.  Feel free to contact any officers if you have questions.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

  • Paladin Brewer (Order Leader)
  • Atenshu
  • Blkjaq
  • Loto
  • Jwalk