• Tradition


    Sword of the Dragon has been here for over 20 years. We have fallen, but we always return to our feet. We were forged in 1995, and our many triumphs and defeats have only tempered our blade that much more. If time itself cannot stop us, dare you stand in our way?
  • Loyalty


    We are and have always been Tuatha dé Danann. We defend our borders and will come down on anyone who may trespass into Tuathan lands. We may not always be victorious, but we will not yield an inch of ground until it is first bathed in the blood of our enemy.
  • Integrity


    Sword of the Dragon upholds a code of conduct. We are not here to boast or slander. We will treat everyone, friend and foe, with honor and decorum, regardless of how you may treat us. We will defeat you and defend our borders either way.  
  • Wisdom


    Numbers do not win battles, knowledge does. Do not just know the terrain, know how to use it and how your enemy will use it. Know the strengths and weaknesses of your men as well as your enemies, so to best exploit the advantage. This wisdom is shared within our Order and paves the road to our future.
  • Tenacity


    Being outnumbered is not a reason to whine or give up. It's an opportunity to show what Sword of the Dragon is capable of. We will not run and hide, we will fight, and use your over confidence against you.
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22 Years of Tradition, Integrity, and Determination

We are Sword of the Dragon. Our history is long and storied. Founded over 22 years ago, we have forgotten more accomplishments than other groups have obtained. We do not claim perfection. We have fallen on our knees like any other. The average guild will not survive. We have, many times over.

As for our vision, we fight for what we believe in — truth, honor, virtue, and a steadfast determination to defend our borders. We use the tools at our disposal: skill, courage, tenacity, persistence, and fortitude. None of these are just words to us. We fight every day for these ideals and because of these ideals. Our agenda is not always the most popular one. Some may call us arrogant. Some may call us foolish. But in the end, we pursue our goals with a clarity of purpose from which we can look in the mirror each day and respect what we see.

Wanting to join? Well, you better be tough. If you do not have a strong constitution and an even stronger will, you should walk away right now. We do not have time for childish antics, for boys playing at soldier, or for glory hounds looking to attach their names to our tradition.

Still interested? Good, then you may have what it takes.


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    Recruitment is currently OPEN.

    We do close recruiting when we feel we are getting too many at once, or we're at a sustainable number.

    If interested, please read our info first, such as our Rules & Regulations

    You can then fill out the Order Application or join us on Discord and get to know us first, the choice is yours.

    Please contact us if you have any inquiries or concerns.

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